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ABB women who inspire other women

Women across ABB Electrification and Installation Products shared how they’ve been inspired and ways they’re engaging with and encouraging other women.

Cold weather performance for cable ties

Don’t be left out in the cold: always check to be certain you have the properly rated products for your specific application.

What is a 3-part specification?

3-Part Specifications is to make it easy to find the appropriate and accurate information for not only specifying engineers, but for anyone who needs the specifications for a product.

Learning the lesson of courage

In unprecedented times like these, it is when we must find the courage to continue to move forward.

Navigating crisis impacts on a logistics network

While it is still unclear what the second half of 2020 will be like, there are actions that businesses can take to manage an effective logistics network.

Why only the best cable protection systems are good enough for today’s electrical world

From safeguarding the wiring that lines our buildings, machines that manufacture our food and carry electricity for data centres, tough cable protection has never been more essential.

History of Furse

Furse delivers the most complete and effective protection against lightning and earth fault current risk, both safeguarding life and ensuring continuous, normal operation of electrical systems.

Ever wonder about condulets?

What are they, why use them and what are the main features to consider?
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