The Smallest Spark = Big Risk

Because the smallest spark can ignite a wildfire under certain conditions, ABB introduced the Hi-Tech Valiant™ current limiting fuse for fire mitigation.

Helping utilities protect against wildfires

New Hi-Tech ValiantTM full-range current-limiting fuse contains sparks within the device to help reduce risk of wildfire ignitions

Each year, wildfires in North America burn millions of acres, damage billions of dollars in property, and cause injury and loss of life. Sparks from equipment are one of the top ways a wildfire can start. Because the smallest spark can ignite a wildfire under certain conditions, ABB introduced the Hi-Tech Valiant™ current limiting fuse for fire mitigation.

Designed to contain sparks that could otherwise be emitted during fuse operation and fall on dry vegetation, the Hi-Tech Valiant fuse’s special body, unique engagement pin and damage sensor help improve system safety and power quality.

Preparing for challenging wildfires

Developed to help support utility infrastructure, resiliency and fire mitigation planning, ABB’s Hi-Tech fuse design and damage sensor build on a history of innovation. The Hi-Tech Valiant fuse incorporates over 20 years of field-tested fuse technology and fits industry-standard overhead mounting brackets to save utilities critical installation time.

Protecting what matters most

Wildfires are a year-round concern for many communities and utility customers residing in high-risk fire areas. Weather patterns, dangerous winds and changing climate conditions are all risk factors in igniting wildfires. As utilities focus on protecting the safety of their customers and communities, they are putting in place comprehensive wildfire mitigation plans to reduce risk and make their systems more resilient.

Since fuse operation is one of many factors that can contribute to wildfires, ABB Installation Products collaborated with utility partners to design and extensively test the Hi-Tech Valiant fuse. ABB’s new fuse technology utilizes a sensor to protect against undetected fuse damage, provides visual indication after operation, and helps address the prevention and mitigation of wildfires including:

  • Interrupts the current in less than a quarter cycle.
  • Prevents expulsive gases, showers and external heat from being generated during fuse operation – especially important in populated areas.
  • Incorporates a patent-pending engagement pin to ensure vertical and rotational alignment.
  • Meets industry standards and the California Code of Regulations exemption requirements.
  • Installs easily using standard field installation procedures.
  • Inhibits water intrusion and UV damage to enhance reliability and protection in harsh conditions.
  • Noiseless operation alleviates the loud bang that can be associated with fuses.

Produced and tested at ABB’s Hickory, N.C., facility as part of the ABB Installation Products portfolio of Medium Voltage solutions, the Hi-Tech Valiant fuse is available to utilities across North America based on specifications, safety plans and training needs. Click here to learn more.

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Dewayne Boyd is the Hi-Tech® Product Brand Manager for ABB Installation Products Division. He collaborates extensively with utilities and ABB’s engineering teams around the world to develop safe, smart and sustainable medium voltage solutions. He is involved in all aspects of production planning and the design of product configurators, selection and educational tools to support a wide range of applications. With more than two decades of experience in electrification and the utility sector, Dewayne works across the organization to drive research, quality and product development initiatives that keep ABB at the forefront of innovation.
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