Welding electrical connections away from sparks, smoke and fumes

The FurseWELD® Remote Ignition System kit can be easily assembled in minutes. Using either the remote ignition unit or the wireless fob, the operator can then start the exothermic reaction.

For contractors working on grounding, substations and power circuits in all types of environments, it can be challenging to safely create electrical connections that can carry widely fluctuating electrical loads over their service life.

A safe, efficient and cost-effective method to form permanent electrical connections for infrastructure, utility, power transmission and distribution, and rail and transportation applications is the new FurseWELD® Remote Ignition System for exothermic welding. The latest addition to the FurseWELD® range from ABB Installation Products, the Remote Ignition System is a portable and simple way to weld copper to copper, or copper to steel, forging a reliable electrical connection.

Forming quality electrical connections in the field

FurseWELD® exothermic welded connections use the high temperature reaction of powdered copper oxide and aluminum. When mixed and ignited, these produce an aluminum oxide slag and molten copper. The permanent connection produced is a fusion of virtually pure copper, forming a joint that is superior to standard mechanical and compression connections and enabling earth conductors to carry fault currents at higher temperatures. The welded joints are highly corrosion resistant and tested to meet industry standards, qualifying as permanent connections used in substation grounding. Typical applications for these connections include below ground earthing for power plants and substations, transmission and power distribution lines, as well as rail connections.

System operation from a safe distance

Defective electrical connections can contribute to circuit and equipment failure. The FurseWELD® Remote Ignition System is self-contained, portable and rechargeable, allowing ignition from a safe distance to reduce exposure to smoke, sparks and fumes.

Traditionally, contractors ignite starter powder with a flint spark gun to cause the exothermic reaction. The new FurseWELD Remote Ignition System offers a safer solution, enabling operators to ignite the powder remotely through the main ignition unit or a remote key fob from a safe distance of up to ten feet or three meters away.  ABB also developed the new stainless-steel hood that can be placed over the mold to considerably reduce smoke, fumes and sparks produced from the reaction.

With a remote ignition unit or the wireless fob, an operator can start the exothermic reaction from a safe distance.

Activation safely away from sparks, smoke and fumes

View the FurseWELD® Remote Ignition System in action and how operators use the system to make safer exothermic welding of electrical connections.

Visit the FurseWELD® Remote Ignition System site for more information and details on forming permanent electrical connections using the high temperature reaction of powdered copper oxide and aluminum, within a graphite mould.

With a history of innovation spanning nearly 130 years, Furse provides solutions to safeguard people, structures and electrical services and ensure continuous, normal operation of electrical and electronic systems. To learn more about how ABB’s Furse® product solutions are delivering the most complete and effective protection against lightning and earth fault current risk, visit furse.com

Part of its Electrification business area, ABB Installation Products Division, formerly Thomas & Betts, is a global leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of products used to manage the connection, protection and distribution of electrical power in industrial, construction and utility applications. With more than 200,000 products under more than 38 premium brand names, ABB Installation Products solutions can be found wherever electricity is used.

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