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Nearly every electrical installation around the world relies on electrical conduit and fittings to protect cabling that powers critical equipment, resources and processes.

BSI Kitemark™ is key to specification of electrical conduit systems

Nearly every electrical installation around the world relies on electrical conduit and fittings to protect cabling that powers critical equipment, resources and processes.

Businesses in all types of environments seek to improve safety and reliability with conduit systems that have relevant third-party approvals to cover the areas of intended use. This includes meeting performance specifications for fatigue life, operating temperature, non-flame propagation, corrosion, water ingress and other factors.

ABB celebrates industry first of 25 years of BSI Kitemark™ distinction

One of the most recognized symbols of quality and safety is the BSI Kitemark™. A quality mark owned and operated by the British Standards Institute (BSI), ABB was the first cable protection manufacturer worldwide to earn BSI Kitemark™ approval for its flexible conduit systems, under the brand names Adaptaflex® in 1996 and Kopex® in 2006.

At face value there appears very little difference between conduit brands, but many businesses look to ABB for solutions that have achieved certification against BSI Kitemark™ for the last 25 years to help meet their safety, performance and operational challenges.

Holly Rossington, Certification Team Leader for Gas and Electrical products at BSI Kitemark, said: “ABB’s longstanding certification against BSI Kitemark for Cable Management signifies the organization’s commitment to providing industries with products that have gone beyond normal requirements to achieve the highest standards available. This gives customers the assurance that products will perform in service. I congratulate ABB for achieving this mark of trust for the past 25 years.”

A way contractors and distributors worldwide assess quality of an electrical conduit is to ensure it carries a third-party certification such as the BSI Kitemark™, indicating conformance to international conduit standards BS EN 61386 parts 1, 22 and 23. The BSI Kitemark™ audit process requires products to be selected randomly and tested annually to ensure continued compliance with the regulations. ABB conducts in-house testing at its industry leading laboratory in Coleshill, UK, completing performance requirements for flexible, rigid and pliable conduit within the current wiring regulations the standard covers.

Because an electrical system is only as reliable as the conduits and fittings protecting it, ABB is pleased to design cable protection systems that defend interior wires and cables in the most demanding applications and meet rigorous third-party standards.

ABB’s Adaptaflex flexible conduit system was introduced in 1972 and Kopex in 1958, along with compatible fittings, to protect critical power and data cabling from costly downtime and system failure. As part of the accreditation process, the BSI Kitemark™ audit includes ABB’s products and the Kecskemet and Coleshill manufacturing facilities. Additionally, Adaptaflex uses third-party testing to comply with many other technical and engineering requirements such as the London Underground fire regulations for rail and Underwriters Laboratories (UL) approval for North American applications.

Learn more about ABB’s wide range of metallic flexible conduits and fittings, as well as approvals, applications, IP ratings, temperature ranges, UV resistance, flexibility and fatigue life, fire performance, and EMI screening capabilities. The Adaptaflex Technical Support Team can help with conduit systems and options for specific applications – visit www.adaptaflex.com, email marketing@adaptaflex.com or contact Adaptaflex at CMG House, Station Road, Coleshill, Birmingham, B46 1HT, Tel: 01675 468200. You can also follow #ABB @Adaptaflex on Twitter or subscribe to RSS feeds at www.adaptaflex.com for the latest information. 

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