Why is UV performance important in electrical connections?

The ability to perform under extreme conditions, such as UV radiation over several years, is vital to the continuous operation of many industries.

When thinking about products used for electrical connections and distribution, much of the attention goes to the specifications for wiring, conduits and other products needed for critical assemblies. Securing and supporting all the vital infrastructure in exposed outdoor conditions is vital to long term, sustained performance. The ability to perform under extreme conditions, such as UV radiation over several years, is vital to the continuous operation of many industries, including oil and gas facilities, rail, marine, ground/aerospace transportation and solar panel farms. Performance is established through extensive testing.

Commonly made from Nylon 6,6 material which is hygroscopic, can lead to performance changes caused by various environmental conditions. If cable ties are not properly designed, tested and manufactured, performance ratings can be adversely impacted, leading to potential issues during initial and/or long-term installation. Standard Nylon 6.6 ties with UV additive are tested as an industry standard to 1,000 hours high intensity UV light.

Unlike our standard cable ties, our Deltec® ties are offered in Acetal material and are subjected to UV performance testing.

Deltec ties have been tested to withstand 10,000 hours of high intensity light. The test is intended to emulate 20 years of UV sun. The Deltec test is higher than the industrial standard, even for telecom which is a preferred standard for Solar applications. In addition to withstanding long term UV exposure, products also need to perform in areas with wide temperature variations. Deltec was tested for -30F(34C)-150F(66C) and operating temperatures good from -85F(-65C) -194F(90C).

While a metallic cable tie might meet the performance demands of an environment with intense UV exposure and broad temperature ranges, Deltec cable ties offer several advantages:

  1. Safer for use with cables since there is less chance to damage cable insulation as there are no sharp edges to nick or possibly cut the insulation.
  2. Lower cost than coated metallic cable ties.

The Deltec locking mechanism is made from Marine Grade copper alloy and its straps are resistant to UV, moisture, and salty environments.

Deltec ties can come pre-assembled with a locking head already in place or as a strap that can be cut to length for the specific application.  The separate head is installed on site and secures the two ends together.

The telecom and solar industries have relied on Deltec ties for over 30 years for their unique installations and working conditions. Deltec has stood the test of time for these industries. As in all facets of the electric ecosystem, using the right products on the right applications is the right choice.

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