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Connecting the unconnected: Bringing global industry into the autonomous age

We’re now in the era of Industry 4.0, evolving to increasingly autonomous systems capable of making decisions in response to new inputs.

Standards and grid codes – the latest developments and trends

The increased penetration of renewable energy requires changes to the standards and grid codes to ensure that power grids remain reliable and robust.

Power grids and the importance of standards and grid codes

The distributed renewable energy sources in power grids are steadily increasing - a smarter, more diverse and robust electricity infrastructure is necessary
Utilization of existing energy efficient technologies and renewable energy production are the keys to combat climate change.

Keeping eye on the ball – world energy production is growing

The world’s demand for energy production and consumption continues to grow – it’s time to act now to ensure a sustainable future for the next generations.

The future looks bright for renewables in the United States

A five year tax credit extension for new renewable construction was granted as part of a bipartisan spending bill signed late in December of 2015.

Renewable energy policy plays catch-up

The value of renewable energy doesn't translate under current regulatory structures. That needs to change.

Low or medium voltage wind turbine converters?

Selecting the right wind turbine converter can be a complicated business, not only technically, but also politically. To take an informed decision, a number of criteria need to be taken into consideration.

Unique facility puts wind turbine drivetrain packages to the test under real world operating conditions

Robust grid code compliance and superior overall performance of 3 MW electrical drivetrain package is verified by extreme full power tests
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