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An evolution in robot design

A "small" addition to a big family means more versatility for demanding robotic applications.

Tornadoes and hail can’t keep our robots away from FabTech 2013

It's one of the world's largest trade shows devoted to metal fabrication technology, and it always serves up interesting news.

Top 10 robotics firsts from ABB

We've been making robots for almost 40 years now, so it shouldn't be a surprise that we've racked up a number of important firsts in the industry.

A vision of our robotic future: program anytime, anywhere

One of the biggest barriers to adoption of robotics in any industry is the perceived complexity of robotic systems and programming.

A “Big Brother” you can love

No matter what the industry, excellent Customer Service is the secret to securing both repeat business and customer loyalty.

40 years of robotic welding and cutting – we’ve come so far

Today the robotics welding and cutting market makes up a large portion of robotics sales around the world, but its beginnings were very humble.

Robotic welding and cutting takes center stage at Schweissen & Schneiden 2013

It has been said that a good weld is all about the spark. "Sparking productivity with integrated solutions" captures this sentiment on many levels.

What do arc faults and air bags have in common?

Ultra fast earthing switch extinguishes arcs before they can cause any damage