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Big data, now and forever

More data, more often, from more sources—that’s the big data mantra.  Despite a reputation for being slow-moving with regard to technology, the utility industry is moving to a new level in analytics driven by the explosion of data from smart

Mining survey finds increasing role for technology to solve industry’s biggest challenges

Every year, Ventyx conducts a survey of mining industry executives around the world, half of whom reside in the company C-suite.  The findings from the 2012 edition were previewed yesterday at Ventyx World by Dan Miklovic of Lean Manufacturing Research,

Nate Silver and the sordid history of data

He was one of Time magazine’s 2009 most influential people, he was a 2012 Rolling Stone magazine “game changer,” and in 2013 he was anointed the #1 most creative person in business by Fast Company magazine. All hail the mighty

People: the highest of technologies

The importance of human beings in the effort to modernize not only the grid itself but the way the power industry operates.

Stop that truck! – a conversation on big data with Paul Bower

As Senior Vice President and General Manager of Advanced Business Intelligence Solutions at Ventyx, Paul Bower leads the company’s analytics business and is the resident “big data” practitioner.  I had a chance recently to speak with Paul and get a
Golden Gate Bridge

Three questions for Ventyx’s Rick Nicholson

Former industry analyst and newly appointed Vice President of Industry Solutions for Transmission & Distribution at Ventyx, Rick Nicholson, talks about smart meters, cyber security and distribution automation.