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The growth of robotics in China highlights rapid change throughout Asia

ABB Robotics 8th annual Asian Value Provider Conference holds some key insights into where the region is headed from an automation perspective.

Want to see our robots in person? The annual North American Robotics open house is the place.

55 live robotics demonstrations, 53 training sessions, 1,100 attendees—all under one roof.

A robotic win-win: good for business AND the environment

A mobile packaging system takes the factory to the raw material, eliminating a huge amount of energy usage [includes video].

We may not have light sabers yet, but robots and lasers are pretty cool

Putting a laser on the end of a robotic arm sounds like something out of science fiction, but it's a reality in today's manufacturing world.

We all depend on five senses to explore the world. Now robots do too.

Someone once said the eyes are a window to our soul. While we can’t give our robots a soul yet, we have found a way to allow them to see.

250,000 robots sold in 40 years – collaboration makes it possible

ABB Robotics North American Technology Days: Three days, 50 robots, and more than 1,000 attendees.

Commission, train and maintain

Good customer service hinges on sending customers away happy and welcoming them back in their time of need.

Global solutions, local relationships – join the robotics family

Being global doesn't mean sacrificing local and close relationships-in fact, it just means your family is much bigger.

Working with ABB is “like a good marriage”

Robotic welding solutions powerhouse, AWL Techniek, likes working with ABB Robotics because they feel like part of the family.