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Field presence aka Visible Felt Leadership aka Supervision

There is no substitute for managers and supervisors being active in the workplace.

Imposing change doesn’t work (or work the way you think it might)

Making a change without engaging the stakeholders will bring about behaviours you hadn't expected and will devalue the benefits that might have accrued

Incorrect signage

Can you spot what's wrong with this picture?

How far have we come in 65 years of engineering practice?

All just history repeating - How we can learn from Murphy's law to improve process safety

Anniversary Waltz

The power of anniversaries and how we can use them to reintroduce learning into our organisations.

Why an invisible cycle helmet might be better than we think

About a year ago I wrote a piece on Homeostasis of Risk. That’s the phenomenon of risk compensation where we tend to indulge in riskier behaviours if we feel protected. So, for example, we tend to drive faster in cars
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