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Paddling across salty water

Control solutions can ensure trouble-free operations for desalination plants, helping meet the increased demand for freshwater.

Operator first – the human factor remains central to the success of an HMI

In a human-machine interface (HMI), it’s about human and machine working collaboratively to maximize efficiency without compromising on basics like safety

Collaborative engineering on an App-Store?

Could the concept of collaborative automation engineering platforms be as simple as an App store? With flexible engineering, sky is the limit

When gambling is not an option

Guessing is for gamblers, not plant operators. It is essential that the people in charge of a control system know exactly what to do.

From gimmicks to real solutions

The aim of Symphony Plus is not just to define great plant performance; its features are designed to help users to achieve one.

ABB will automate latest generating units of ‘coal-by-wire’ project in China

‘Coal-by-wire’ is a term that entails turning coal into electricity and transmitting it directly from the mine where it is produced, instead of transporting it to power stations and then to consumption centers.

ABB automation combines heat, power and efficiency in China

Combined heat and power (CHP) systems simultaneously generate electricity and use “waste” heat from the process to warm or cool buildings

The sun in your pocket

Data and control in the palm of your hand
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