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ABB drives and motors for record-breaking cable cars in Europe

Our drives and motors power the world’s steepest funicular in Switzerland and a new cableway at Germany’s highest mountain

Lifeline of the Modern World

A reliable power supply is taken for granted in Switzerland. At the same time, it is the Achilles heel of our highly industrialized world.

What the world can learn from Switzerland

ABB CEO Ulrich Spiesshofer on Europe’s innovation heartland

ABB in the Alps

Snow-capped mountains against a sky of blue is an iconic image of Switzerland.

YouTube: Gotthard – Europe’s wildest frontier

Gotthard - Europe's wildest frontier. The long and storied history of the Gotthard pass.

Top electric cars in 17 European countries (Charts)

What are the top electric cars in Norway, the Netherlands, the UK, Switzerland, & several other European countries? Have a look at these charts to find out