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How a “reliable mermaid” turned the subsea power vision into reality during shallow water testing

Testing of subsea VSD proves reliability of concept as Joint Industry Project team push boundaries of traditional product development.

A familiar challenge: Keeping upstream profitable

ABB's INSUBSEA® Long step-out system provides a low-cost solution to brown-field extension and a cost-effective solution to green-field developments.

What happens when a transformer is placed 3000 meters under water?

A subsea transformer must not only be robust enough to withstand the pressure from the water, but must also be able to do the job flawlessly year after year
Picture showing sea life in an aquarium

Twenty thousand leagues under the sea – 2020 version

If Jules Verne had written his famous book "Twenty thousand leagues under the sea" 150 years later, he would have included some subsea factories.
Image used with courtesy of NASA

Deep water, the final frontier

The Colossal Squid can’t go that deep, nor can most submarines. The pressures are so great that a house brick would be crushed before it hit bottom

Harnessing the power of wind

HVDC is a key enabler for the efficient and reliable integration of offshore wind energy

Transforming power 3000 meters under the sea

How subsea transformer technology helps active oil and gas wells to be productive for longer periods of time