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Make hay while the sun shines

There’s plenty of scope in the solar sector, but it needs the right products for the right application

5 reasons to visit ABB’s booth at the WFES show in Abu Dhabi

Witness some of the latest technologies that can help contribute towards a smart and sustainable future.

YouTube: The microgrid delivering renewable power to Australia’s hottest town

The microgrid delivering renewable power to Australia's hottest town

Mingalaba, Mandalay! Solar Impulse in Myanmar

Solar Impulse and ABB land in Myamnar and celebrate a sustainable future.

Solar Impulse takes to the skies on first round-the-world solar flight

Solar Impulse 2 set course from Abu Dhabi to Muscat on the first leg of a groundbreaking attempt to fly across the globe powered only by energy from the sun

Are these cloud-covered islands Europe’s biggest solar power market?

Surprisingly for some, the UK’s solar power market has grown exponentially in recent years. A look at why.

Technological innovation is the new zeitgeist, and our best hope of saving the planet

To save the planet, we thought society would have to make lifestyle sacrifices. Instead, we turned to innovation
ABB ACS355 drive for solar pumps

Pump that water, Sun

Solar pump drive uses solar power to pump water throughout a sunny day saving water, energy and the environment
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