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The sun never sets on ABB

Solar Impulse arrives in the Middle East, witness to the power of the sun

Transportation: part of the problem or part of the solution?

Solar Impulse and ABB are both promoting electric transport: in the air, on the ground and across the sea.

The ultimate sustainable journey: a zero fuel transatlantic crossing

ABB & Solar Impulse join forces to show the potential for sustainable transport

Solar Impulse and ABB arrive in New York: pioneering spirit that never sleeps

The Solar Impulse message is reflected by the pioneering spirit of ABB, and its significant contribution to increased energy efficiency.

From golden beaches to the Golden Gate

The combination of a pioneering mindset and cutting-edge technology lead to another extraordinary achievement.

Solar Impulse: a flying microgrid ?

Solar Impulse is helping to draw attention to this shift in the energy mix, in which ABB has a major role to play.

Solar Impulse: hibernation is over!

Solar Impulse is preparing to fly from Hawaii to the US mainland. ABB renews its innovation and technology alliance.
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