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Robotics Month in focus — Setting a record for product introductions

ABB Robotics has set a record with 12 new product introductions in 2013.

The top 10 ABB Robotics posts from 2013

Counting down the top 10 posts in Robotics for 2013 is a stroll through memory lane—and a great way to close out Robotics Month.

The top 10 ABB Robotics videos from 2013

Robots come alive on video—and this year we've stepped up our game substantially.

Ultra-flexible robotic manufacturing at a Changan-Ford plant in China

China has grown into one of the largest markets for industrial robotics. This example at a Changan-Ford factory highlights why.

ABB technologies that changed the world: the industrial robot

ABB pioneered the world’s first electrically powered industrial robot, and 40 years later they now touch our everyday lives in so very many different ways.

Robotics Month at ABB — catch up on what you may have missed

If anybody ever doubted there wasn't enough to say about ABB robots and robotics every day for one month, read on.

Tornadoes and hail can’t keep our robots away from FabTech 2013

It's one of the world's largest trade shows devoted to metal fabrication technology, and it always serves up interesting news.

What are shock diamonds? Our robots know first hand

In the thermal spray industry, things are getting supersonically hot with robots. Just ask our friends at Praxair-TAFA.
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