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Celebrating 10K LinkedIn Group members with our 10 favourite discussions

What makes a successful Linkedin community: best ways to spark a discussion or reasons to join.

Automation upstream and down

Larry O'Brien of ARC Advisory Group talks oil and gas automation trends

Electrical Integration goes beyond IEC 61850 devices

It is something that can be applied to all the industrial plants because every plant has substations

Take control of your future!

World Control Tour visits Automation Scandinavia in Sweden to look at the future of automation and how v6 fits

If it is valuable to you, it is probably valuable to someone else

World Control Tour stops in Abu Dhabi to talk cyber security threats and v6’s solutions

Welcome to the World Control Tour

The World Control Tour will showcase System 800xA v6 all year round on five continents and in ten cities

Can process automation increase energy efficiency?

Improving plant productivity and effectiveness allows plants to produce the same amount of product with fewer resources.