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cpmPlus Energy Manager

EMS knows who’s been naughty, who’s been nice

Energy management systems (EMS) can help make energy wasting performance visible and correctable, before it shows up in your electric bill.

Safety – getting your message across

Safety messages are often dull and uninspiring, especially those that you've heard before. Kulula Airlines have found a great way to engage everyone in the pre-flight safety briefing. What can we learn from them?

‘Lean’ lifts

There are examples of 'Lean' everywhere you look


This one is for my colleague, Tony Atkinson, who loves checklists

Competence assurance

Anyone who has met me or read previous blogs will know of my belief in the true measurement of competence. Recently I was horrified to hear that Conservative MPs had suddenly realised that the reduction in child benefit would affect

Continuous Improvement

When I was just a wee boy (actually in my late 20’s early 30’s) I was given my first real / formal introduction to continuous improvement. Prior to that my actions in this area had been ones of inherent belief

Changeover excellence

Most of us will have heard about SMED – single minute exchange of die, a term originating from the automotive industry. The basic context is to externalise as many tasks as possible so that the only time spent when the

Act your age?

And other forms of dealing with issues

“Safety is our number 1 priority”

What nonsense! Making money is our top priority but done safely
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