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The energy we waste while producing oil

We’re wasting much energy while pumping oil from the ground. And we are leaving a lot of that oil in the well. Ironic isn’t it? Here’s a potential solution.

Efficiency improvements or cutbacks?

When our bosses say "efficiency savings" do they really mean "cutbacks"? I don't think they do.

Field presence aka Visible Felt Leadership aka Supervision

There is no substitute for managers and supervisors being active in the workplace.

Have we gone too far with technology? What about the human factor?

Thinking about the "silo mentality" and the issues of automation.

Changeover Excellence applies everywhere

The technique of SMED (Single Minute Exchange of Dies) aka Changeover Excellence, developed in the Automotive industry, can be applied in many ways.
Image: Dzul Ikram, flickr

It’s all down to trust

How much do people trust their leaders? And how much do leaders trust their people?

Making “tool box talks” relevant (and keeping people safe)

In many industries one essential form of communication is the “tool box talk”.  Originating from a discussion held at the point of work, i.e. the ‘tool box’, it has now transformed into a regular methodology for getting pertinent and relevant

Continuous Improvement, Safety and ‘Thinking outside the box’

As a big fan of continuous improvement I'm always in the market for examples of great innovation, so how about this one?
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