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Cut costs in oil and gas downstream operations with VSDs

Even relatively small investments with a fast payback time can give big boost in operating profitability. Especially in older facilities.

Hybrid energy solutions for drilling operations

Battery storage and smart power management for upstream oil—in a box.

Ambitions in Africa

Economic forecasters predict Africa’s average gross domestic product should outpace the world average in the next few years

High energy intensity in the Middle East

Five reasons why the sands of time are running out!

Is a barrel of oil more technologically advanced than your smartphone?

When you think of the oil, gas and petrochemical industry, an old, conservative and polluting one most likely comes to mind.

Addressing the growing need for water

High voltage gas-insulated switchgear to serve desalination facility in industrial city of Yanbu

Transforming power 3000 meters under the sea

How subsea transformer technology helps active oil and gas wells to be productive for longer periods of time