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Having the right information is key to implementing the right solution

Today, customers are more sophisticated than ever before, so we have to be in step with them like never before.

Training the robot programmers of the future by experimenting with the future

An artistic endeavor wrapped in a robotic experiment with the future of architecture is a model for engaging young engineers.

Teaser Trailer – Luminale Festival 2014 opens with robotic light art

An ABB Robot is lighting up the night as a piece of light art at the 7th annual Luminale Festival in Frankfurt Germany from March 30-April 4, 2014.

Top electric cars in 17 European countries (Charts)

What are the top electric cars in Norway, the Netherlands, the UK, Switzerland, & several other European countries? Have a look at these charts to find out

Beer + Robots = Happy Humans

When it comes to beer, ABB robots are helping to keep the bottles and kegs flowing at breweries around the world.

Survey, survey on the wall, who is the greenest of them all?

Which countries take the energy efficiency prize? The answer may surprise you.