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Gamification lifts future industry to new levels

Industry needs to capture the imagination of the next generation, a generation that expects something quite different from work than their older peers

The art of recycled systems

Automatic automation based on reusable engineering

Collaborative engineering on an App-Store?

Could the concept of collaborative automation engineering platforms be as simple as an App store? With flexible engineering, sky is the limit

Three workhorses retired after 100 years of active service in Australia!

They started service before the invention of the toaster, the TV and the internet. Qantas and Canberra weren't even born yet.

Going on the offensive in the war for talent

ABB looks for the next generation of engineering professionals at the 40th annual meeting of the US National Society of Black Engineers.

Patently doing better

So productive were the world’s inventors that the number of patent applications rose by nearly 3 percent on 2012 to a new annual record

If engineering has a tent, it needs to get bigger

ABB is all in when it comes to making engineering more accessible--even in preschool circles.

Women and technology: a career in business?

Two factors that will help to encourage more women to study sciences and technology