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Discover a new way to explore the potential of energy efficiency

Raising awareness about energy efficiency is a crucial step toward realizing its potential. A new interactive report even makes it fun to learn about.

Low-VOC paint transforms a manufacturing process

ABB has used reduced VOC paints on power and distribution transformers for more than a decade - with good results

(Un)intended consequences?

Proposed carbon regulations on US power plants could make for some interesting compliance choices.

Next-gen power generation

Two power plant designs, one nuclear the other gas-fired, offer a tantalizing look at a safe, emissions-free future.
Emissions from an ocean vessel

The path less well taken: What postponing IMO III could really mean for all of us

What would you choose if you knew that you could reduce pollution from oceangoing vessels by 90 percent? With the latest developments in IMO III, we are at just such an intersection.

Climate change: Even Arnold Schwarzenegger gets it

Arnie's back! And this time, he's fighting his new enemy, climate change.

Getting at the true environmental cost of electric cars

A proper environmental comparison between combustion engine vehicles and electric vehicles is only possible when all factors are considered.

The true cost of shale gas should include carbon capture

Behaving responsibly to avoid a legacy of pollution for future generations

Falling carbon prices raise questions about energy policy

Setbacks in Europe’s emissions trading system are raising fresh doubts about whether clean energy is affordable
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