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Technological innovation is the new zeitgeist, and our best hope of saving the planet

To save the planet, we thought society would have to make lifestyle sacrifices. Instead, we turned to innovation

Old World cities outstripping U.S. counterparts in tech adoption

From Barcelona’s intelligent trash cans to Tallinn’s electric cars, European cities are adopting tech to improve services, cut consumption and save cash

Past, present and future: ABB’s story in Brazil

From the Sugar Loaf mountain cable car to the opening of a new factory in Sorocaba; a century of shared history points to bright future together

Is 2014 shaping up to be the year of e-mobility?

Stories and trends from last year, and some recent exciting news in China, suggests much more to come.

2013: The year electric vehicles turned the corner

It was a big year for ABB in the world of electric vehicle charging, and this is only the beginning.

20% of new parking spaces in NYC must be electric-car ready

New York City targets pollution with law requiring that 20% of new parking spaces in NYC be electric-car ready

Why the E-Mobility industry has reached the tipping point

We are now in a transition period where battery prices are dropping by 20-30% each year. The consequences for the automotive industry are mindboggling
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