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Keeping people connected at Christmas

ABB helping billions of people across the world stay connected this festive season

Simpler Data Center Bus Protection with GOOSE

Achieve the same level of protection more easily and without common limitations with a new method for protecting data-center buses from outages.

More-reliable power with GOOSE-enabled ATS

Boost data center power reliability and operational control and reduce cost with IEC 61850-enabled relays and GOOSE communication for your ATS devices.

Data Centers need industrial strength power and control

ABB - uniquely positioned in the market to bring ‘industrial-strength’ power and automation solutions to the world of data centers

Switching to a Better Switch

Innovative SuperSwitch provides smooth power transfer and addresses inrush current and phase problems caused by traditional static transfer switches (STS).

Keep your data center “operation” safe with arc flash protection

Diagnose locations with potentially dangerous switchgear and transplant arc-resistant technology in its place.

Data centers can fuel a more sustainable future

By taking a more conscientious attitude toward our energy consumption, we can both cut expenses and become better stewards of the environment.

When data center technologies collide

The software-defined data center meets the reality-defined facility
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