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Whatever happened to the energy crisis?

Just a few short years ago, oil prices were going through the roof and the world looked set to embrace renewable energy. What happened?

Britain’s resolve to become more energy efficient is about to be tested

With Britain facing an energy squeeze and a new carbon tax, the country’s attitude to energy efficiency is about to be tested

Falling carbon prices raise questions about energy policy

Setbacks in Europe’s emissions trading system are raising fresh doubts about whether clean energy is affordable

Fiddling while Rome burns…a new report

"The report asks how we can address the effects of climate change caused by oil, gas and coal, while at the same time satisfying the energy needs of a developing world?"

A weakening response to climate change: good news for ABB?

'Most of the technology required to make better use of energy and thus cut CO2 emissions, is available now.'

Three steps to improve compressor energy efficiency

Want to reduce your energy bill for your compressor house?