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ABB’s program accelerates green transition with partners

In the Green Electrification 2035 program, ABB opens its software platforms for frequency converters and grid control to strive for carbon neutrality with partners.

Driving a water-tight operation in challenging times

Demand on the world’s natural resources is becoming ever-greater. But what can be done to reduce water shortages and optimize operating efficiencies?

Taking charge of the electric car future

Policymakers meeting at COP 23 have an excellent opportunity to accelerate the transition to sustainable transport via electric vehicles
Utilization of existing energy efficient technologies and renewable energy production are the keys to combat climate change.

Keeping eye on the ball – world energy production is growing

The world’s demand for energy production and consumption continues to grow – it’s time to act now to ensure a sustainable future for the next generations.

From golden beaches to the Golden Gate

The combination of a pioneering mindset and cutting-edge technology lead to another extraordinary achievement.

How will the Clean Power Plan affect you?

The final rule of the Clean Power Plan was released in August of 2015. ABB's resident expert outlines what plant owners need to know.

China looks serious about moving towards a low-carbon economy

The recent US-China agreement on carbon emissions was greeted with scepticism, but China appears to have set itself firmly on a path to a low-carbon future.

Q&A with Rodney Durban

New regulations are coming for coal plants--ABB's resident expert outlines what plant owners need to know.

Technological innovation is the new zeitgeist, and our best hope of saving the planet

To save the planet, we thought society would have to make lifestyle sacrifices. Instead, we turned to innovation
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