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YouTube: The microgrid delivering renewable power to Australia’s hottest town

The microgrid delivering renewable power to Australia's hottest town

Three workhorses retired after 100 years of active service in Australia!

They started service before the invention of the toaster, the TV and the internet. Qantas and Canberra weren't even born yet.

The world’s first project to convert coal-seam gas into liquefied natural gas to go live in 2014

Gas powered generation will increasingly take the role of providing the flexibility to complement variable renewable energies, according to IEA

Will you line up for a new iPad?

Robotic jellyfish hunters, the quote of the week and more in this week’s roundup of the most interesting science and tech news published on the Web

YouTube: Construction of ABB’s Automation & Power World Australia 2012 exhibition

How do you transform an empty 1200m2 space into a technology showcase?

In this time-lapse video, you can watch the construction of ABB Australia's inaugural Automation & Power World 2012 exhibition.