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A network to get work done

Aside from helping solve problems, user groups are a great way to network and make contacts in the industry.

What are the roadblocks to more renewables?

Consumers and providers are eager for more renewable power. What’s standing in the way?

Hybrid energy solutions for drilling operations

Battery storage and smart power management for upstream oil—in a box.

Keeping it simple

Keynote addresses at Automation & Power World highlight the virtues of a straightforward business strategy

How to navigate a changing chemical, oil and gas landscape

Automation & Power World's theme was “Harnessing the power of change.” The chemical, oil and gas industry can relate.
ABB ACS 800 Direct drive

Application of permanent magnet motors to solving a paper mill production problem

ABB's commitment to the customer and groundbreaking technology helped a paper mill overcome a serious challenge to improve its processes.

Hyperspeed for Hyperscale: Speeding up data center projects

Dave Sterlace presented ideas for speeding up data center upgrade projects called, "Hyperscale: Speeding up data center projects."

Red squares are a good thing

Former Ford CEO Alan Mulally reveals the secret behind bringing America’s most iconic carmaker back from the brink
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