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For researchers in leading technologies, ABB is the place to be

ABB is the destination of choice for graduates who want the experience of a global organization and want to actively shape the world’s digital future

The unexpected places you will find ABB technology during your vacation

Northern or southern hemisphere, urban or remote, wherever you are headed you are certain to encounter an ABB product or solution.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

By definition simplification is about making things less complex or complicated.

A future of collaboration, not just automation!

I recently chatted with Madeline Gannon, one of a new generation of innovators helping to challenge our concepts of how robots and people will work together

Mind-controlled robots, imperial storm troopers and potato salad.

20,000 ‘Geek Picnic’ technology fans gather to see how life and technology will merge in the future.

YouTube: ABB Robotics – Celebrating the World Cup with our customers

ABB Robotics - Celebrating the World Cup with our customers