Bertil Thorvaldsson
I am the Global Product Manager for RobotStudio and other ABB Robotics software products. I joined ABB in 1976, as a developer, and have done many things since then, mostly marketing. Besides RobotStudio, I love wine, movies, and music. I started the software product business at Robotics about the same time that Woz put together the first Apple I in the Jobs family garage. When IBM released their first PC, we introduced the first version of RobotStudio (at the time named OLP). Today, my main task is to produce a road-map for the future direction of the product. I would greatly appreciate your help with that. After all, you know best what additional features will make you excel at your job. I promise to listen and do my best to make your wishes come true.


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Industrin går mot mobilt och molntjänster

Först kom automationen, nu kommer nästa steg: helt nya, enklare sätt att styra och kontrollera maskiner och processer, och nya affärsmodeller.