The beginning of our careers has officially started!

The introduction week of the trainee program has past and we look back at our warm welcome at ABB!

It is the 7th of September and the clock is about to strike 9 am. Nervous and excited of what is to come we join the first episode of our very own morning show. We are greeted welcome to the Introduction Week by our trainee program manager Elin Spector and the morning show host Jacob Händestam, a former trainee. They introduce us to our new morning routine, the ABB Morning show, sent live especially for us trainees every morning with guests from all over ABB. This morning, we had the pleasure of meeting Maria Samuelsson, Country HR Manager, and Patrik Sahlstrand, Head of Security.

Ready to enter the first morning show from the home office.

The Monday continued outside with a tour of Västerås, learning all about the history of the city and how ABB has developed throughout the years. The tour ended at Djäkneberget, where flags marked with “ABB Trainee Camp” guided us to our home base for the rest of the week. Outside in the park, a setting with a big screen, chairs and blankets was installed to enable presentations, workshops and discussions. Spending the afternoon at the camp getting to know each other was the perfect way to end the first day, and to start of our journey together!

The ABB Trainee Camp at Djäkneberget.

The next day started off with a new episode of the ABB Morning Show, this time we got to meet Mats Peterson from the business area Electrification and Beatrice Partain, a trainee of 2019. The interviews were combined with the topic of diversity and inclusion, where Heidi Robertson as the Head of Global Diversity & Inclusion introduced us to ABB’s ongoing work and how we as trainees can contribute. During our afternoon at Djäkneberget we got to hear more about the benefits of working outdoors from Susanna Toivanen, professor at Mälardalen University. I believe that we all felt very inspired and filled with new creative ideas on ways of working!

Wednesday started off with a walk down memory lane, when Niklas Hjulström from Västerås theatre from and Björn Sandberg from ABB’s communications team that talked about ABB’s history during the morning show. Discussions regarding brand and communication was in focus and we heard Chief Communications Officer Theodor Swedjemark talk about ABB’s values and he also gave us some of his own tips of how to make the most of the trainee period. The discussion regarding values was brought to the afternoon, combined with a photo session out in the park and of course Swedish “fika” (as for all the other days as well!).

Towards the end of the week we got to meet Björn Jonsson from Industrial Automation, Camilla Kullborg from SynerLeap, Ulf Hellström from Motion and Susanne Timsjö from Robotics during the morning show. They all inspired us with stories about their careers and what they do within their business at ABB. The afternoons were spent at the ABB Trainee Camp getting to know each other as well as the former trainees, who taught us more about the trainee program and gave us the best tips and tricks for the future.

Leaving the camp on Friday afternoon, we were all very excited about the amazing first week and for the very warm welcome we received from all those involved in the Introduction Week. Now we are all eager to start our first assignment and explore more of ABB together. Take care and we will talk to you soon again!

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