Kick-starting your career as a trainee!

I will tell the story of why I choose ABB and how I became an ABB trainee.

In the final period of your university studies, there are many decisions to be made and it’s definitely a demanding and exciting time. All at the same time as you have full focus on your master thesis and upcoming exams, you should also start to think about your future.  Personally, I had no idea about which type of job would suit me best. I wanted to try so many different things and honestly did not fully know what the job behind the fancy title entailed. How was I supposed to choose which position I would enjoy? Especially since a permanent employment felt more like an employment for the rest of my life. I knew about trainee programs from friends that had been trainees at different companies. A traineeship seemed like the perfect possibility to get a good transition from university to work-life by trying different positions and getting a deep insight into a company.

The trainee program at ABB caught my attention as your permanent position is not decided when you enter the program. This allows you to decide after having gained experience in three different positions and after having a better picture of how a global organization functions and what ABB offers. ABB being present nearly everywhere, was one of the factors I also counted into my decision of applying, as I wanted to build an international career, travel, and work abroad.

Application, online tests and assessment day

The application was like most other jobs including a resume, cover letter, and university grades, that were to be uploaded on the Career Page of ABB. A few weeks later I received the invite to a video interview and two or three online games that tested your problem-solving skills. I was fairly nervous about the video interview part, as I felt somewhat strange having to talk to my laptop without the interaction and feedback of another human being. Luckily, I made it to the assessment day in Västerås.

Ottar – the headquarter for ABB Sweden, located in Västerås.

We were invited to stay in Västerås the night before the assessment day to avoid the stress of commuting the morning of the assessment day and to prevent delays due to trains interruptions or traffic jams. I arrived in Västerås, where I never had been before, had dinner, and a small exploration tour of the town before going to bed.

The assessment day was challenging but fun. After completing two interviews, a group discussion, and a case solution with a presentation, we all received individual feedback on our performance within the interview. To finish off the day, we met the Trainee Group of 2019. Despite all of us being a little knackered, it was a great opportunity to meet the trainees in person and being able to ask questions on a more personal level.

On my way back home, I felt unsure about my performance as I knew that I did not my best in the presentation. However, getting such well-structured and solid feedback after an interview was new to me and surprised me, I felt that even if I would not get the position, I had learned something.

Almost a week passed by before I received the good news and was offered to become an ABB trainee. After a wave of excitement, I took some time to think about my decision through and accepted the offer the next day. Soon I would start my career as an ABB trainee!

So, what’s the trick of getting selected? Personally, I believe that if you are curious, eager to learn new things, and honest it will work out. Keep in mind, that even if you personally are not content with your performance, nobody is going to be as critical about you like yourself.

Apply now!

If you want to kickstart your career and get a thorough insight into ABB, apply by December 6th at the latest, to be part of the Trainee Group 2021 group. Learn more about the program and how to apply.

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