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In the spirit of a sustainable future

HUB2018 predicts insufficient network capacity and generation, but innovation and an eager generation of young engineers turns challenges into opportunities

Thursdays are the days of discovery

On Fridays I always wake up with great motivation, how is that? The answer is that yesterday was a Thursday.
The trainee group during introduction week, with James Clark, trainee from U.K. in the middle, Agurtzane Erdozia, trainee from Spain on the left and myself on the right. Photo: Jonas Bilberg

A leap towards becoming more global

I am part of the first international trainee group at ABB Sweden. I will share my experiences and give insights into the program from a global perspective.
The second trainee group of 2017 during their course in Business Versatility.

Tightrope-dancing with life and work

What does Workfulness, Energy Storage and the ABB trainee program have in common? Let me explain by giving you an insight into a day as an ABB trainee.

The journey of a traineeship has begun

What happens after university studies? What does ABB have to offer - and why apply to the trainee program? The start of an ABB story begins here.

Discover life as a trainee in Ludvika

Life as a trainee is stirring and dynamic, with a perfect combination of continuous learning, personal and professional development and excitement.

How to become a trainee at ABB

Being a trainee at ABB is one of my biggest challenges so far. I will tell the story of why I choose ABB and how I got selected for a position.

The electrical engineer’s time is now

I never liked history in school. Mathematics, science, and sports were more my thing.
The first trainee group of 2017. From left: Nathalie Fransson, Jonas Dofs Malmén, Archit Singh, Hannes Wistrand, Carl Stureson, Magnus Holm, Peter Fredriksson.

An opportunity to learn and grow

Being an ABB trainee has proven to be an even better start to working life than I had hoped. Let me explain why!
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