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Switchgears, circuit breakers, wiring accessories are a few examples of the product portfolio at Electrification. How thrilled does that make you feel?

If you had to choose between working with low voltage breakers or with collaborative robots, what would you choose? If you would have asked me two weeks ago, the choice would have been easy. However, today I’m not that convinced anymore. The study visit at Electrification served as a great eye opener. Working there would in fact be extremely interesting! It is hard to imagine how much our daily life is affected by all the products provided by the Electrification Business and even harder to fathom the importance of the products in the future society and the future industries. As Mats Peterson, Local Business Manager, pointed out there will be immense business opportunities with the electrification of all vehicles just to mention one example. One thing is certain, our dependence of these products will increase and being part of developing products with such a large role in society is an appealing thought.

Electrification did not only impress by their products but also by the huge volumes being produced in their highly automated factory which we got the opportunity to see. The speed and perfect synchronization of the different assembly stations is amazing and constitutes great examples of engineering artwork for automation nerds like me. The Electrification Business delivers more than 1.7 million products each day!

Excited group before the factory tour.

I would like to express the trainee group’s gratitude to all involved for a great study visit. However, the day is far from finished. As usual on study visit Thursdays we invite a manager for a dinner that we cook. This is always a highly appreciated and inspiring time when we can connect on a more personal level with the manager who tells his or her life story and career path while we can ask any question.

This evening Linda Wennberg was invited, who is a former trainee with a very successful career and at the moment Local Product Group Manager at Control Products. Furthermore, her management team is a perfect example of gender equality. While we were enjoying a delightful apple pie crumble she generously shared her story and gave us invaluable insights. I would like to highlight one message that I brought back home from her speech – choose your manager. If you have a strong relationship with your manager, your tasks and responsibilities often become fun and inspiring which will enforce you to do a great job and that is when new opportunities and challenges will reveal themselves to you. Even though Thursdays are long you always go home energized and excited with a lot of impressions in mind. I’m already looking forward to the next Thursday.

Alberto Giordana and Hanna Schlegel learning more about contactors.
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