eCar Expo: Cars fast as Lightning

As the sustainable future is approaching fast, the eCar Expo in Gothenburg showed the latest and greatest offers in terms of electrical and hybrid cars.

As ABB was demonstrating our latest quality charging solutions, five of the trainees from Västerås got a crash-course in what is means to represent ABB out in the wild.

Trainees from left to right: Elin Hallme, Christoffer Jonsson, Frida Jalkenäs, Anton Ter Vehn and Olivia Dyster Aas.

During three very eventful days, we trainees got a golden opportunity to learn how ABB is helping to make the world more accommodating for electrical vehicles. We also learned a great deal about the interesting contest known as ABB Formula E. ABB Formula E differs from the classical automobile race Formula 1 by only using electrical cars for the contest, as it is meant to push the boundaries in terms of capacity, speed and weight of electrical vehicles worldwide. ABB is a main sponsor for the entire contest, so we were able to bring a very cool VR ABB Formula E simulator along with us to the expo. It was so compelling and appreciated by the visitors of all ages, even more so than most other cars and exhibits at the fair.

During these intense days, we were also taught a lot about chargers and the future of E-Mobility by our colleagues on the sales team as we looked at both AC and DC solutions. With both electrical motorcycles, mopeds, cars and hybrids, the future is looking bright for all those wanting to travel electrically and more sustainably. It’s also difficult to imagine, but one of our colleagues shared the story of how she in 2009 was one of the first people working with electrical chargers in Sweden. At the time, electrical chargers and cars were however something that dedicated car enthusiasts worked on while the interest from the big car companies was very low. The growth in only 10 years has been staggering, so one can only imagine where we will be in 2029!

We were also visited by Mats Peterson (middle) and Niklas Lindblom (far right) from the sales and service organization respectively. A very nice surprise!

However, we were also given the opportunity to relax for a bit. We had lovely dinners where we partook of both Turkish and Indian food and we also enjoyed the nightlife of Gothenburg. The lovely hotel breakfast also helped us a great deal to prepare ourselves for the long expo days. In short, it was a welcome change of pace to partake in the event, where we got to represent ABB to our customers and public. Another rememberable chapter in the experience of a trainee at ABB.

A great thank you to Eva Kvist Östgren, John Engdahl and the rest of the ABB team for this great opportunity, it was without a doubt a weekend well spent!

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