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“The stage opens, the excited atmosphere permeates the air as the room becomes quiet”


Warm welcome dear reader, this is the writers speaking. We hope you found your way easily to this blog post, were we will share our latest adventure. It’s very nice to have people from [Fill in your country of origin] with us here today!  Our names are Alberto and Anton and we will tell you the story about our 3-day public speaking course that we took with all the trainees.

“A long pause fills the air… as the attention is drawn to you, the reader”

By reading this blogpost, we will share some things you can consider when making a presentation to deliver your message effectively. But first, some formalities: this is a non-smoking blogpost, which should take roughly 3 minutes to read through. You should also be aware of the safety exit at the top right corner of your screen, indicated by a cross. Furthermore, all questions can be forwarded to us by email. Now, lets it begin!


“The speakers takes a huge leap unto the center of the stage, grasping your attention as they swipe their arms wide open”

During the three days we learned some of the fundamentals regarding public speaking. They are built up by what we like to call the “holy trinity of communication”. This triptych consists of: effective communication fundamentals, body language and content & visuals. Communication fundamentals is about tempo, repetition, emphasizing, K.I.S.S and articulation!

“The speakers increase the tempo and emphasizes each word with the use of their hands”

These five elements enable a speaker to control the delivery of the speech and to keep the audience captivated!  But it is nothing without good body language.

“The speaker smiles and faces the audience with a straight posture while a small pause enters the air. He picks up a glass of water and takes a sip.”

However, the triptych is still incomplete without interesting content and visuals. This is something that you, the reader, must figure out by yourself. Only you can know what message you want to deliver: keep in mind your target audience and message.


“The speakers voices drop, almost whispering…”

… And with that we are approaching the end of this blog post. But remember ladies and gentlemen, to rapidly enhance your quality level you should consider the trifecta. However, we cannot stress enough the importance of preparation to deliver an effective presentation.

“And suddenly, the speakers raise their voice as the tempo increases”

Coming up on this blog you can expect some interesting stories from Simon and Jonathan F about their day-to-day activities as trainees.

We would like to thank you for reading this blog post until the end and we wish you a lovely day.

“The speaker puts his hands down, smiles and leaves the stage while the audience applauds”

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