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After an interesting intro week with lots of exciting meetings with company representatives, trainee program Managers and trainee colleagues, and roughly a week of work at our first assignment, it was finally time to get behind the wheel for Safety Driving training. Safety Driving is an important aspect in ABB’s endeavor for a safer workplace and thus an important piece in the puzzle of ABB’s yearly Safety Week. During this week, newly employed Trainees get the opportunity to learn key aspects in safety at work, and this includes freshen up of skills in safe driving, both theoretically and practically.

The day started off in Orresta Golf & Conference with a theoretical walk-through, hosted by the safety group on site. During this day we were served not only top-quality breakfast, lunch and fika throughout the day, but also top-quality cars.

We were later divided in to groups of two, which of whom would share cars for the rest of the day and memories for life. The hosts had three stations prepared for us at the ‘concrete platform’ where the action took place. Two of the stations involved high velocity turns and slamming the breaks – a real adrenaline rush! The last station was mainly about driving comfortably with reverse gear, this involved reverse driving and parking in tight spaces, a very useful part of the course as finding a good parking space is a never-ending struggle in modern cities…

The day ended with a recap back at Orresta Golf & Conference to sum up the day. The hosts were amazingly passionate and instructive, they had crucial input of one’s actions on the course with life-saving tips. All in all, it was a fun and important day we are happy we could share with the rest of the Trainee group!

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