Our first study visit!

The first study visit began with team building at prison island, followed by a lecture about Power Grids and ended with an inspiring speaker dinner.

Study visits are a part of the trainee program. Every Thursday both the Västerås and Ludvika group gather together in one of the cities. Each city has its own group that organize the event and the first one took place in Ludvika.

Since it was the first time, half of the day consisted of team building at Prison Island. At Prison Island we split up into smaller groups and then headed into “the prison” where there were 24 different cells to conquer.  Every cell gave different points and there was a good mix of physical, tactical and technical rooms. After two hours of adventure, we were a bit tired and head to the Kantina restaurant at ABB for energy refill.

Robert Malmquist presented the product range that is manufactured in Ludvika.

After lunch we were ready to continue the day with the course Power grids for dummies, where Robert Malmquist presented all components manufactured here at ABB in Ludvika. It was interesting to hear about the different business areas and get to understand what they are doing. After a short introduction of the different components we went to the exhibition hall to see the actual products.

During the evening it was time for our first “Speaker dinner”, which means that the trainee group prepare the dinner and invites an inspiring person from ABB. Christina Eriksson was the chosen speaker for this occasion since we had heard a lot of good things from the previous trainees about her. She told us a very touching story which included both her private and professional life, that was very appreciated by the trainee group.

The first speaker dinner with Christina Eriksson in Ludvika.
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Cristina Alemany Benayas

M.Sc in Energy Engineering from Polytechnic University of Valencia and Chalmers University of Technology. Moved to Ludvika to start as a Graduate Engineering Trainee at ABB in September 2019. Curios about the energy transition and its effect on the power system. Doing the first assignment at HVDC -within System Design and Simulation.
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