Hit the ground running – Introduction Week

Kick-starting working life with a great introduction week. We are now prepared to start our first assignments.

Straight out of bed on a slightly cloudy and rainy September morning, heading to one of the ABB’s headquarters in Västerås, it probably hadn’t really dawned on any of us just yet that this very day was the start of a new personal chapter. Monday was all about getting to know each other with short presentations and getting our new work gears ready for the upcoming weeks of assignments. We also had our profile photos taken, our digital representations that will accompany us throughout our entire ABB journeys, may the camera be kind to us!

From the photo shoot with the whole group.

The following days, Tuesday to Thursday, mainly concerned ABB as a whole. Presentations about its different businesses and products, as well as ABB’s values and integrity, led by Katarina Norén. We participated in exercises in how the core values steer the direction of both ABB as a company but also lower level decisions.

We also had the chance to listen to several ex-trainees talking about their different journeys within the organisation, for example by Wilhelm Leissner and Stefan Alexandersson, all of whom highlighting the flexibility of the program as its greatest strength, encouraging us to take advantage of the three different assignment periods to explore different parts of the company and step out of our comfort zones. Indeed, more than one told us that it was outside of the comfort zone that they found a new passion and career path, much to their own surprise. Naturally, we are quite hesitant in an assignment which is alien to our competence but have now become inspired to try it regardless.

Long days filled with many new faces and tons of new information can be exhausting, but our energy was sustained by fika breaks and fun get-to-know-each-other-activities such as dinners and games!

Fika paus!

On Friday the groups were back in their respective main locations – Ludvika and Västerås. For us who are based in Ludvika, the day started with safety information about ABB in Ludvika followed by an introduction to Kollegors Klubb. In the afternoon, the business line Power Transformers had invited us to a seminar with a secret guest, which turned out to be Tobias Carlsson (professional Swedish dancer, choreographer and writer). In a skilled mix of laughter and seriousness, his speech was touching, even hours after the performance. Following the seminar were dinner and live music together with all the people from Power Transformers!

Finally, the introduction week came to an end on Saturday with a welcome party at Gula Villan in Ludvika. Of Couse all trainees from Västerås came to stay overnight. According to tradition, it was a costume party, with this year’s theme being J.A.P.A.N (Ingenious). Many thanks to the former trainees (18:2) for arranging this amazing full day of fun activities and partying!

Photo from the costume party in Gula Villan in Ludvika.
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M.Sc in Industrial Design Engineering from Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg. Joined ABB as a Graduate Engineering Trainee in September 2019. Personal goal at ABB is to be a part of the next step towards a better future for more people, perhaps by improving the user and customer experience when interacting with ABB’s products and services.
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