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HUB2018 predicts insufficient network capacity and generation, but innovation and an eager generation of young engineers turns challenges into opportunities

Together with four fellow trainees, I got the opportunity to participate in HUB2018 beyond Sustainability, at Steam Hotel in Västerås November 13, 2018. HUB2018 is an annual event hosted by Energy Competence Center, Sweden, in cooperation with companies within the energy sector. Participation provided us the opportunity to listen to Sweden’s core competence within the sector discussing potential threats, as well as opportunities within the industry.

My personal favorite session was a panel talk with the CEO of Volvo Cars, Håkan Samuelsson and ABB’s Jenny Larsson – Local Sales and marketing Manager Power Grids Sweden. Both are highly skilled speakers, with a genuine vision that sustainability is reached through ground-breaking technology and innovative business models. In addition, both emphasized how important it is for the sector to attract young competence, which can be done through offering talents hands-on experience with the technology.

In the afternoon I listened to a panel discussion regarding Power Balance and Security of Supply. It is known that the change of energy generation from centralized to distributed, an ageing grid as well as new demands such as e-mobility will affect the security of energy supply. Although the panel agreed on the fact that we need to act now to ensure a secure supply and transmission capacity, I feel like most conference attendees agrees with me when I say; Yes, there are challenges, however Sweden has the competence to overcome them.

ABB Trainees at HUB2018: Stina Juhlin, Elisabeth Nilsson, Niklas Ramstedt, Sophie Ruden, Catrin Östman
ABB Trainees at HUB2018: Stina Juhlin, Elisabeth Nilsson, Niklas Ramstedt, Sophie Ruden, Catrin Östman

The ABB Trainee-team was not only tasked to learn as much as possible from the conference, but also to guide 17 ABB VIP students during the day. The VIP students are currently studying the last year at one of ABB Partner Universities and have applied to become an ABB VIP student earlier this autumn. The VIP students were selected and rewarded the possibility to attend the conference after a competitive screening. Throughout the day I talked to all our guests; about school, their goals and ambitions and Swedish energy strategy. Me and my fellow trainees held a workshop about trainee life at ABB. During the workshop, two attendees won the opportunity to join the trainees at a study visit as well as direct qualification to the second step of interviewees’ selection to the 2019 Graduate Trainee program.

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Top photo by Bo Lundvang, HUB2018

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Elisabeth Nilsson

Joined ABB September 2018 as a ABB Sweden Graduate Engineering Trainee. Eager to develop the next generation of technology regarding energy storage and conversion. Ms.Sc in Chemical Engineering for Energy and the Environment from Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm. Spends her spare time outdoors running and hiking.
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