Thursdays are the days of discovery

On Fridays I always wake up with great motivation, how is that? The answer is that yesterday was a Thursday.

Thursday means study visit day in our trainee group. For me that is one of the best days of the week. The purpose with the study visits is for us to learn about the different parts of ABB and hear about all the possibilities there are within ABB (and I tell you, there are so many!). We have divided the study visits between Ludvika and Västerås, and travelling to the other site every second week.

It is up to the trainee group to plan where we want to go during the Thursday visits. We do visit all of the business units but it gives us a lot of freedom to plan the visits according to our group’s interests and preferences. It also makes it possible for us to combine it with other courses or activities. Some other things we have had the possibility to take part in is a substation visit, Lean course and sales conference. It is all about broaden our views and experience as much as possible during this trainee time.

The study visits are one of the greatest advantages with the trainee program

Usually we get to hear about the different parts of the unit, visit the workshop and sometimes we even get some smaller assignments to do during the day and present at the end. During these study visits I have learned about creating customer value, streamlining production lines, how to create a safe work environment and so much more. Things that are not only very interesting, but also helps me to develop and improve my daily work.

Learning how to code the YuMi robot at ABB Robotics
Learning how to code the YuMi robot at ABB Robotics

After the study visit we meet up at our different trainee facilities to have something we call a speaker dinner with a guest that we have invited from ABB. During these dinner we have met some of the top managers in ABB Sweden, so it is a great networking opportunity. It is up to the speaker what we talk about, but we usually get to hear about his or her career and we get to ask a lot of questions. It is a very informal way of meeting and I always leave the dinner with new insights and motivation. The trainee program will eventually end and I am going to miss these Thursdays, but I know for sure that ABB will continue to challenge me and help me broaden my views.

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