The journey of a traineeship has begun

During a mingle from the introduction week in Västerås, with myself standing in the middle of the crowd.

What happens after university studies? What does ABB have to offer - and why apply to the trainee program? The start of an ABB story begins here.

During my last semester of Master of Science, I wondered where I was heading in my upcoming work life. Until then, I had predominantly been involved in the academic world. I yearned to do something different. So I applied to ABB’s trainee program, in hope of getting a good insight into different engineering roles – so far, I feel like my journey is in the beginning of exploring the different possible paths as an engineer!

With by background as an engineer within Energy Systems, Sales and Marketing was not the obvious choice for the first practice period out of the three practices performed as part of the trainee program. But that’s the great thing about the program, if you have the interest and will, you can try almost anything. Right now I am doing my first assignment, in Sales and Marketing at Capacitors as mentioned before. So far, it has been a real difference compared to the academic world, where exact calculations might be of greater interest than the economic aspect of a product. During this assignment, I’ve used my technical know-how and I have incorporated it within business values. I look forward to what I will learn in my next assignment as trainee!

The trainee group getting introduced to ABB, at one of many study visits.

Introduction week

The journey of traineeship started in Västerås, together with the collected Västerås and Ludvika trainee group, at the start of September 2017 with the introduction week. With some nervousness, the first day started with a live stream together with Johan Söderström, Country Manager of ABB in Sweden. Challenge yourself is one of the lead phrases at ABB. We trainees understood that for sure, at the very first day!

One of the reasons for this successful introduction week might be the hundred year long history of the trainee program. The introduction week included workshops and lectures, both about ABB and the trainee program. After the introduction week, the trainees headed out to their first practice period. As far as I have heard, we have all started to adjust both to new cities of residence and work places.

As a trainee placed in Ludvika, I have started to find my jogging route in the forest, I enjoy my short bike ride to work each day and I’m looking forward to the new challenges awaiting. Luckily for me, I know that my search for what happens after life as a student has had an intriguing start here at the trainee program at ABB. What comes next, is entirely up to me.

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