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Life as a trainee is stirring and dynamic, with a perfect combination of continuous learning, personal and professional development and excitement.

Moving to Ludvika and starting at ABB had its initial challenges: finding accommodation and getting the first trainee assignment that suited both my background and interests.

The apartment search started well in advance during the last months of spring. In spite of ABB not being able to provide accommodation directly to new employees, the search is facilitated by getting into the Ludvika area public housing company’s priority list. Therefore, it did not take long for me to find an apartment.

The second task before starting the trainee period was to find my initial assignment and workplace. This search started by getting in touch with previous trainees, who suggested some potential projects and contacts at ABB. They also gave me general advice and detailed descriptions of the different workplaces here in Ludvika, most of which were willing to employ trainees. At that time I realised how strong and important the trainee community is! Once all the preparations were done, it was time to enjoy some vacation time and wait for September.

Life as a trainee

Now, having been part of ABB since September, I can finally answer one of the most common questions people ask me: how is it being a trainee? Without any doubt the straight answer for me is EXCITING!

This is because there is so much going on during this period. As trainees we get to experience the everyday work life in different roles, as well as contribute to and be a part of impactful projects for the organisation. Furthermore, there is the opportunity to get to know the company and its people in depth, as we get to visit all the different ABB units. In general everyone is looking forward to meeting new trainees and getting to know them.

Group training session at one of Ludvika’s outdoor gyms.

The trainee period is dynamic and full of projects, activities and great learning opportunities. But there is no time for boredom outside ABB either. Despite the relatively small size of the town, there are plenty of activities one can do here, such as joining one of the local gyms, sport facilities, running groups, dance lessons, choirs or language courses, among others. I myself have been running for a long time now, and have found great outdoor routes, as well as a track and outdoor gym near home. It is also often that some from our trainee group meet for a joint training session after work or hike during the weekend. Besides, when winter comes, there will be many opportunities to go skiing and practice winter sports in the area.

Apart from sports, there are multiple additional activities that one can find in Ludvika. Few of these could be the events organised by Kollegors Klubb (social club within ABB Ludvika in which co-workers can meet and socialise outside work), social gatherings at the trainee house or going to the cinema, among others.

”Around the world” theme party at the trainee house in Ludvika.

To conclude, I would say that the most exciting part of life as a trainee is getting to know my colleagues. I am lucky to have seven other trainees whom I share interests and professional experiences with as well as get to spend much of my free time with here in Ludvika. But above all, I feel particularly lucky to be a part of a group of brilliant and admirable people, both professionally and personally.

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