How to become a trainee at ABB

The second trainee group of 2017 have started their journey at ABB. Photo: Jonas Bilberg

Being a trainee at ABB is one of my biggest challenges so far. I will tell the story of why I choose ABB and how I got selected for a position.

In the end of your study period at university, there are many decisions to be made and it’s definitely a demanding and exciting time. At the same time as you have full focus on writing your master thesis you should also start applying for jobs. And not just a summer job or an internship, a real job this time! Personally I had no idea about which type of job would suit me best. I wanted to try so many different things. Maybe consultancy would be a nice way to start my career or maybe a job in the industry would be better. The more I searched, the more confused I got. Then I discovered trainee programs, a possibility to get a good transition from university to work life by trying different positions and getting to know a company in a relaxed way. At the work fair LARM arranged at Linköping University every spring, I met representatives for ABB. I had a really inspiring conversation with a girl who had taken the same path as I was about to take by applying to the trainee program at ABB after studying five years in Linköping.

Not all trainee programs are like this but what really caught me about the trainee program at ABB is that your permanent position is not decided when you enter the program, which gives you the opportunity to decide that during the trainee program. Also I really liked the opportunity to get international experience during the trainee program, since I really enjoy exploring new places but didn’t study abroad during my education.

Application, online tests and assessment day

The application was similar to most other jobs including a resume, cover letter and university grades. That was followed by a pair of online tests in the second step, testing your personality and your problem solving skills. The third step was a video interview which made me a bit nervous. It was difficult to answer tricky questions without receiving the natural interaction with the interviewer that you get in a regular face-to-face interview. Luckily, it went good enough and I got invited to an assessment day at ABB in Ludvika.

Before the assessment day we got invited to come to Ludvika in the evening before the assessment day, to join a group tour in parts of production and also a group dinner with the Trainee Group 17:1. That evening made all the candidates much more relaxed with each other and even though we were still competitors, we also felt like a group of friends having a good time together. The assessment day was challenging but fun. After completing two interviews, a group discussion and a case solution with presentation, we were all really tired, but we also got the opportunity to get our individual feedback. I felt that I had performed well during the day and travelled back to Linköping with a smile on my face.

Almost a week passed by before I got the call asking me if I wanted to become an ABB trainee. After some days of thinking about my decision, I accepted the offer to take on one of my biggest challenges so far. The challenge of becoming an ABB trainee!

So what’s the trick of getting selected? For me I think it was to have fun along the way and to take on each step in the application process as a fun challenge.

Apply now!

If you also like to challenge yourself, apply by November 8 at the latest, to be part of the 18:1 group. Learn more about the program and how to apply.


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