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Being an ABB trainee has proven to be an even better start to working life than I had hoped. Let me explain why!

Finding your passion through three different assignment periods, mixing work with education, going on study visits, meeting top managers and having a trainee group to share the experience with. Being an ABB trainee has proven to be an even better start to a career than I had hoped.

The first trainee assignment period has come to an end and I can’t believe how much has happened in only 10 weeks. I have learned so much about ABB as a company and found many new friends in my colleagues at Transformer Components where I have done my first assignment at production engineering. I even got the opportunity to visit ABB’s bushings factory in Switzerland to learn about the set-up of their production line! My next assignment will be at supply management at HVDC, something completely different from the work I have been doing now. Also being an energy engineer I did not expect to be working in supply but that is one of the things I enjoy about the trainee programme. You get the opportunity to try anything you want.

English presentation course

Last week we finished our first education in effective communications where we practiced our English presentation skills. On the first day we were asked to present our trainee location and assignment. As the rest of us were listening to each other’s presentations we were given the task of preparing feedback for our colleagues on a specific topic, body language for example. We could identify different styles of presenting in the group and by analyzing each presentation we learned what characteristics make a presentation successful. One of the highlights was when one of my trainee colleagues tipped over a full glass of water during his presentation. He claims it was an accident but we are all convinced that it was a part of his strategy to keep the audience on edge.

After presenting and receiving feedback we performed exercises to improve our strategy and structure throughout the presentation. On the last day we had another presentation and it was amazing to see the improvement of my colleagues from the first day to the last. The coach we had was an excellent speaker and his way of giving feedback was very constructive and encouraging and I am sure we all walked away feeling more confident with our presentation skills.

This was a small taste of what it means to be a trainee with ABB and I encourage you to keep reading the blog, follow our adventures, and hopefully join us!

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