A new trainee group has arrived

The first ABB trainee group of 2017. From left to right: Magnus Holm, Axel Philipson, Hannes Wistrand, Oscar Lindström, Joakim Lejkemo, Paulina Ho, Carl Stureson, Julia de Bruin, Anton Ronquist, Edvin Sten, Jonas Dofs-Malmén, Archit Singh, Peter Fredriksson, Nathalie Fransson, Louise Jonsson (trainee program manager), and Miguel Morrissey. Photo: Jonas Bilberg

As a new trainee for ABB Sweden I have been really busy since the program started. This is a summary of my time before and during the start of the program.

Wednesday February 15 my phone rang to deliver some huge news. The caller was Louise Jonsson, the trainee program manager at ABB Sweden, who happily told me that I had been accepted into ABB’s trainee program. The only issue, the program would start Monday February 20, a mere 5 days later. Since I had applied during the second application period for the trainee program, I was aware beforehand that there wouldn’t be much preparation time if I got in. Still, my head started spinning quite a bit due to all the things I had to take care of, and the short amount of time that I had to work with.

The big questions that were troubling me were how I would find a place to stay, and where I could do my first internship at ABB. Thankfully, through ABB I got contacts that helped me look for both an apartment and for an internship. Therefore, February 19 I was ready to travel to Ludvika and to start a new chapter in my life.

Introduction week in Västerås and Ludvika

Sunday February 19 my six trainee colleagues in Ludvika and I met the previous trainee group for a dinner in Ludvika. At the dinner we were welcomed to Ludvika and the trainee program, and this was our official start at the trainee program of ABB. Early the following morning (06:30) we left Ludvika for Västerås in order to start our introduction week, and to meet our new colleagues in Västerås. In Västerås we met our eight additional coworkers, and the whole trainee group was together for the first time. From Monday February 20 to Thursday the 23rd the whole trainee group was together in Västerås were we got to know each other and met a lot of nice and interesting people from ABB, e.g. the country managing director for ABB Sweden, Johan Söderström, and the country HR manager for ABB Sweden, Maria Brithon Brinck. On Friday February 24 the groups were split up between our respective cities again. In Ludvika we had a bus tour of our new home city and got to make our first visit at the departments were we would start our internships the following week.

What better way to welcome new trainees than with a party?

On Saturday February 25 the previous trainee group (2016:2), had put together a welcome party for all of us rookies. The party took place in Ludvika, and the theme for the party was “What I wanted to be when I was young”. Everyone had dressed up accordingly and the costumes varied greatly. You could literally find anything from a chef at a fast food restaurant to an astronaut at the same party. The day started with my trainee group being split up into teams in order to then compete in various activities which 2016:2 had prepared beforehand. I suppose I don’t have to tell you that my team won the competition? Later on, 2016:2 served us a three course dinner before the dance floor was opened. Throughout the whole day and evening there was a great atmosphere and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves a whole lot. At last, everyone told each other good night and started to wander home, incredibly satisfied with a truly great welcome party.

Starting to settle into life in Ludvika

During the introduction week, I managed to find an internship at a supply chain management department which suited me perfectly. I was welcomed dearly by the colleagues and I really enjoy my work. The first time at the department mainly consisted of joining my colleagues in meetings or on tours of the production and the facilities in order to get an overview of the department, as well as of the company as a whole. I have also managed to find an apartment which means that I was able to check that off my to do list as well. So, in hindsight, all of the problems I had to face a couple of weeks ago have resolved themselves and I can now start to focus my attention on other things, as well as being able to fully enjoy my time here in Ludvika.


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