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How to make the most of rising wind-energy production

Supporting electricity grids as wind power reaches new highs

Wind power in China: new opportunities in a transforming market

China enters new era of wind power development as it finds solutions to fundamental problems

Wind for Prosperity – bringing clean power to remote and rural locations

One fifth of the world population has no access to electricity. How can wind power change that?

Technological innovation is the new zeitgeist, and our best hope of saving the planet

To save the planet, we thought society would have to make lifestyle sacrifices. Instead, we turned to innovation

Innovative technology key to a competitive wind power industry

In a harsh market environment investing in innovation is a key factor to make wind energy competitive

Lower levelized cost of energy key to making wind power more economically viable

In the week leading up to EWEA 2014, I look at how ABB is helping to the lower the levelized cost of energy, a decisive factor for investors

Wind Power-Transformed!

No matter where wind turbines are, ABB transformers ensure power gets to where it`s needed.

How wind turbine OEMs could optimize their supply chain

The wind industry needs to optimize its supplier base in order to reduce costs and improve turbine performance and reliability.

IEA: Wind can supply 18% of global electricity demand, but there’s catch – a $150 billion one

A new report from the International Energy Agency (IEA) says wind energy could supply 18% of global electricity demand by 2050, but it won't come cheap
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