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Engineers save the world

Through improvements in energy efficiency, global fossil fuel consumption for power generation could be reduced by up to 30 percent.

Dancing in the air

Over 200 elite proflyers are showing off their indoor skydiving skills at the Wind Games 2017 in Spain – and ABB is powering the event behind the scenes
ABB's augmented reality demo (c) Samuli Pentti, Slush 2016

Augmented reality in drives service of the future

Through use of augmented reality customer operations and maintenance productivity could be improved

Improving energy efficiency in the water business

The water industry is finding innovative ways to secure continuous supply of water on demand in an energy efficient and sustainable manner.
Photo: Kai Kuusisto / Slush 2016

Venturing off to new shores

Nobody in their right mind would come to Helsinki in the middle of cold and dark winter – except for SLUSH!

Multiple benefits of energy efficiency

Industry investing in energy efficiency generates up to 50 percent more added value on top of energy savings.
ABB and the IdeaHub are recruiting innovators worldwide to take on the challenge of transforming the role of variable speed drives in an industrial setting.

Let’s innovate the future together

Emerging ecosystems of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) are maturing through partnerships – would you like to join forces with us?
2/3 of available energy efficiency potential remains untapped. Better world is created by engineering innovations together.

The future of energy efficiency – know it already?

Two thirds of available energy efficiency potential remains untapped. A better world is created by engineering innovations together.
ABB laboratory

Testing motors and drives together to find the optimal combination

The ABB drives test laboratory offers customers the opportunity to test our drives in combination with either their own motors or any motors supplied by ABB