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By any name, Maracanã Stadium has a rich history

The stadium, once the world's largest, was renamed in 1966 after a Brazilian journalist. But Rio's locals, or "Cariocas," still lovingly call it Maracanã

ABB joins UN program to advance energy efficiency

ABB is working with the UN's Sustainable Energy For All initiative to boost energy efficiency in motors and transformers.

Three workhorses retired after 100 years of active service in Australia!

They started service before the invention of the toaster, the TV and the internet. Qantas and Canberra weren't even born yet.

The dry evolution

Dry-type transformer - Responding to a changing world

Are you curious about our transformers? Just ASK…

New ASK platform gives you online access to our transformer experts

From mobile power houses to electrical grid resilience

When power management in extreme conditions becomes a standard answer to climate change disasters

Long term asset planning and the benefits of 3D modeling in transformer design

A challenge for any utility is the long-term asset plans required to ensure safe, reliable, efficient, and cost-effective electrical power.

Low-VOC paint transforms a manufacturing process

ABB has used reduced VOC paints on power and distribution transformers for more than a decade - with good results
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